August 28, 2011

‘MASTERS OF THE ART’ -NYC BATTLE SERIES continues September 3rd

fulltimebboy @ 8:30 pm

MASTERS of the ART 6

DATE & TIME: Saturday September 3, 2011 (LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!)
1PM – 8PM (All Ages)

LOCATION: 104th & Lexington ave. NY NY. (OutDoor Schoolyard)
-Take 6 train to 103rd street.

DAMAGE: $5 Entry | $10 for Competitors (includes entrance & FOOD)
$10.Vendors with tables.


-All Styles Dance Cypher
-BlackBook Battle
-Performance By Up & Comin Brooklyn Artist SHAZ illYORK.
-BBOY/BGIRL Competitions

Jr. Masters 17 & Under Bboy/Bgirl 1on1s
[Winner Next Up to Battle for Jr. MASTER Title & Prize.]

*Bboy Ronnie VS. Bboy Uncle Will*
Jr. Masters 5 Round Throwdown for Title & 3′ Trophy.


Bboy Master 1on1s Battle for $200.
[Winner battles BBOY EROCK for MASTERS Title & $1000]
Start clocking $$$ for every successful defense!!!


5on5 Crew Battle
[Winner Battles FULL FX CREW for $2000.] 2nd Prelim



DJ EX Rockin’ the 1 & 2’s
[Hot Butter Breaks Volumes] ALL THE WAY LIVE from Chicago..
Spinning Boogie, Breaks, Hip Hop & House!!!


Hosted by Mr. Radio of DTFRADIO.COM


RICAN – Dynamic/MZK
JIGGZ – Supreme Beings
NEMESIS – Breaks Kru

ALL DAY BBQ, Floor, LIVE Art, DJ, and Freestyle MC Cyphers.

Come thru enjoy the show or Be in it to win it.

All winners come back to defend title & clock mo $$$

Last “BBOY MASTER” was Gravity who Defended the Title with 5 straight Victories! Thats $5000 Homie took home.

The title is NOW Vacant.. heres your Chance to Advance.

The Purpose or Funktion this Series serves is EMPOWERMENT.
Power of the People and To the people.
It is for Our CommUNITY. to motivate, network, inspire, support.
Its about the purging power of Creative self expression. and each’s beauty.
bout opportunity to make a few $ for your talent [aint nothin wrong wit that].
Its about building. MASTERS Is a tournament, cuz blade sharpens blade. How else will your best come out if not challenged?
MASTERS is about Mastery & Showcasing the Masterful. Yea Yall..its about the Cream RIZING to the top.
its about Peoples in their GLORY, spreading their wings, showin their colors, soaring to new heights. The Hip Hop.
and last but not least, its about FUN & puttin on a good show..positivity overcoming negativity.
..its By the People, for the people.
& Power to the People.


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April 1, 2010

TNT”Thursday Nite Throwdown” Event in New Jersey

fulltimebboy @ 2:37 pm

Thursday Nite Throwdown is a bboy battle thrown every other month in Wayne, New Jersey. It consists of a 3v3 competition w 1 substitute+ 2 LifeLines (basically double-elimination). Bboys battle it out until only 1 crew remains! Winner gets a custom banner printed for their crew presented @ the next TNT. Also, there is an exhibition battle every jam for the winner of each TNT vs. the current TNT Title holder. This TNT 5 we have Souljerz(defending Champs) vs. MYNDZINMOTION (TNT 3 winners). The winner of that battle, then defends their title against the TNT 4 winners, True Aggressions Crew (winners of last TNT 4).

TNT was created to bring together the local bboy community together and test their skills! Also, it was designed so that the younger generation can come and get inspired by bboys from their local scene (not only YouTube and DVDs) and gain battle experience at an earlier age. There arent a lot of jams being thrown in New Jersey that often so we try to bring the consistency, and the old vibe of just gettin down and havin fun.

The Venue is not open on Saturday or Friday,so we have decided on Thursday instead of Sunday. Thought it be a early start to the weekend and a good substitute for a regular Thursday practice, once every other month, to keep everybody on their toes. People are improving and the competition is getting more fierce. Its a good thing, because its not all about winning but getting stronger as a community. There are bigger and stronger opponents that await us so we must be ready when that time comes. The only way to train for that is to train with each other through constant competition as CREWS so we can learn to work as a team, that is why we do “crew vs crew” battles as opposed to “1v1 ” battle.

I hope people enjoy the jam and keep supporting. Its only possible because of the PEOPLE that come. Without the bboys, there is no jam. Hopefully, it will grow and grow as our skills do as well, so we just gotta train hard and stay focused dont get influenced by all the things that try to hold us down. Rise above and everything is easier to see.

Check out the Sample Clip of the event:

also the latest event Flyer:

Event Created By: Bboy Ayo!/profile.php?id=100000226011656

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