August 23, 2011

Summer Classics at Union Square Next Event August 26th

fulltimebboy @ 9:53 am

Despite the rain interfering during the last event in the early evening, the event still went on to continue. People were dancing on the wet concrete and doing what they do best. The bboy battle was able to be completed.
Here’s some video to check from Two weeks ago. Come thru for the next one this August 26th for the second and last event of the Summer.
DJs Steve Garcia, ATS spinnin hiphop, funk, and soul. Save by the Rhythm and Broken Tooth.
Summer Classic Event is brought to you by Kings of New York, Funktion Productions, FulltimeBboy

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July 6, 2011

Summer Classics is Back in Union Square!!!

fulltimebboy @ 6:50 pm

Summer CLassics Flyer 2011
Attention all Dancers!!!
Before July Ends, Summer Classics will be back in Union Square for another dance action pack at the park.
Here are the details:
Location: Union Square Park, NYC
On the 29th of July
here is the DJ Line up; will be Freshtyle Rockers spinning, hip hop, breaks, funk and soul,
Jazeart Remote and Chenzo spinning House and Funk.
A 1on 1 bboy battle is also on the list by FULLTIMEBBOY.
List of participants will cut short, so make sure to come on time if you want to enter the battle.

On the 26th of August,The Second Summer Classics of the year is a must not to miss.
The DJs are Steve Garcia, ATS spinning Hip Hop, Funk, and Soul.
Save by the Rhythm and Broken Tooth.

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June 29, 2011


fulltimebboy @ 12:16 pm

Real Name  is Henry Vijande,  aka “Rival”.  He was born on October 9, 1981. He started breaking around 1996 -1997. Currently Resides in Jersey City, New Jersey. He represents NBK Crew which stands for Natural Born Killahz and Nothing but Knowledge that formed more than a decade ago. Founder and Organized the event called “Cypher in the Hood” and other numerous events.

The video interview below was conducted on June 27, 2011. He talks about his lifestyle, his views on the current situation with our community, and the uphills, downhills with b-boying. He also gave some very good advice for people starting out in the scene.

Please visit the NBK site for information regarding the Crew, Events, Studio, classes, etc.

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February 22, 2011

The Full-Time Bboy Life

fulltimebboy @ 8:18 pm

Here are some videos of Full-Time B-boy interviews that I gathered and edited from some past event I attended.
Here is From Who can Roast the most event last summer 2010in New York City.

Here is the one from most recent, last month January 2011. The event is called “The Urban Movement Tour NYC” (TUTM) in Roseland Ballroom. Two parts video.

Part 1

Part 2

I want to thank all the people who participated on the interviews.

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February 18, 2011

Fulltimebboy new designs and Contacts

fulltimebboy @ 10:51 pm

Came up with some new and updated designs and also my business card is below if you need contact info. I will be updating this website next and Forum will change.

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November 6, 2010

Breakdance Project in Uganda

fulltimebboy @ 7:03 pm

I came across this channel on youtube a while ago. As we all know Break dancing is world wide known around the globe. This location is in Uganda. Google it to learn more.
The project they’re doing is actually one of the things I wanted to see progress a lot in the hip hop community. I hope more organizations form like this in the future to help preserve the knowledge and promote hip hop culture in a positive manner.

Here’s a clip of the workshop from Arua, Uganda

Another Clip of a workshop. these youngsters are break dancing barefoot, but that doesn’t stop anyone from busting out some moves!

Another great video of a breakdance workshop teaching the Uganda Juvenile Prisoners how to break dance.

Break dance Project Uganda or (BPU) is a Non-Profit organization which uses breaking (break dance) and other elements of Hiphop to promote social change and social responsibility. It was started in February 2006. It uses Hiphop as a tool to bring together people from different social, economical, educational, tribal and religious backgrounds. BPU offers free break dance classes in Kampala at Sharing youth Center every Monday & Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm And every Saturday in Gulu Youth Center from 2pm to 4pm. “BPU” also gives lessons in juvenile prisons, local and international schools, youth & community centers, orphanages etc. Apart from the free dance classes, the organization partners with others to provide both formal and informal education opportunities such as leadership workshops, peer mentoring, voluntary counseling, visual arts, photography, videography, music, drama, I.T skills training and sports.

A clip of Rock steady crew cyphering with the people from Uganda.

For contact and more info:


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November 1, 2010

Kings of New York

fulltimebboy @ 10:00 pm

The Founder:
The “Ru”, is the Founder/Director of Kings of New York. He has been an active member of the B-Boy (breakdancing) community for five years strong. Ru has lived in Brooklyn for all his life and wants to give back to his roots, his community and other communities.

The About:
Kings of New York is a community based organization which was funded in 2003. Our mission is to preserve, as well as to educate the world about the culture that New York style of dance brings. Kings of New York has grown from 100 plus attendees to an over 1000 plus audience over the past 7 years.Since 2008 Kings of New York has started charging a low fee for competitors and specters alike, due to the rising costs to produced an event. We are seeking support as a *non-for-profit organization to help keep costs to the minimum or free for our participants.

*Kings of New York is in the process of obtaining the 501(c)3 status

The Mission:
We the Kings of New York is a non-profit that strives to acknowledge and encourage excellence in the world of hip hop with authenticity, integrity and charity.

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October 27, 2010

A Full-time Bboy

fulltimebboy @ 2:27 am

During the mid-summer, my crew attended the event “Who can roast the most 12” in New York City, we asked some bboys and bgirls regarding of what they think about being a full-time bboy and other aspects of the culture and lifestyle. Watch the video to see what they have to say.

Interviews at the “Who can Roast the Most 12” event in NYC by the Ground Zero Crew
June 27, 2010
Director – Enigma
Cameraman/Video Editor/Sound Design – Ricardo De Jesus
Thanks to

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July 19, 2010

Summer Classic Events in Union Square

fulltimebboy @ 10:01 pm

I hope everyone’s enjoyig their summer. Here’s an event coming up by the end of July. Bring your radios and have fun in the sun during Friday afternoon to this summer classic setting event.
Remember what Union Square was like? Dancers from different disciplines would get down, exchange and build with one another. This is how we carry each other, inspire each other to go higher and keep the dance alive. We got our permit so no one can shut us down. Come out and jam, watch and support!
Funktion Productions & Kings of New York Present:
Summer Classics at Union Square
King Uprock
DJ Peewee
DJ Jaze art Remote
DJ Peace
Come Join Us ALL, Dacers Unite!
Friday, July 30th 6pm-10pm
Friday, August 20th 6pm-10pm

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June 10, 2010

Bgirl Macca

fulltimebboy @ 7:07 pm

Bgirl Name: Macca
Born: July 7, 1987
Current Location: Philadelphia
Started Breaking: 2004
Crew Name: 360 Flava

For Videos:
Check out her youtube Channel:

1. Why did you choose to be a Full-time B-girl?

Breaking became my strongest form of expression. To fully express it, I had to try to take it on “Full-time”. To me it is something that is so amazing and powerful in my life. Adding on to that, people and teachers I have(Bboy Hannibal, Via-Zeen) showed me and made me understand how important it is to really truly purue to gain the full knowledge of Breaking and why I do what I do. THat made me want to train for it and understand it the best way I can. So, the only way I can do this is by not being half”assed” about it. It is a struggle and challenge all the time. I have truly put in all the time/practice/mental that I can. So in the end, it requires me to be full-time just like with any other carrier that you choose.

2. How has your decision impacted your relationship with your family and friends?

I can Honestly say it has impacted my relationship somewhat positive and negative…haha… I lost a lot of friendships, I’ve gained a couple. My family stands behind me n matter what. Although my dad gets a ittle worried at times wondering(just playing the father figure) if breakin is supporting me financially and Physivcally. The many friends I lost came from being so focused on breaking and concentraitng on training and learning from certain people. Now I know how to balance that more but back then I just Started and focused just on that without realizing that I started slacking on calling and hanging out with my friends. My family I always had the same relationship with before and now.

3. Can You describe the impact of being a full-time bgirl?

It change my lfe. The way I think, eat, sleep…do anything. My reasoning, my actions…everything. I remember how big te impact of it was when I had to look for a job on day and I started planning my availability around breaking on my applications. I would cll out sick to go to jams, fall asleep during work from practicing until 3am in the morning. The impact basically equal my life. It is my life. I love it, I get mad at it, I get hurt by it, I stress about it, I laugh, smile, and cry about it. That’s how great its impact is.

4. Can you tell us some of the callenges that you faced or had to overcome as a bgirl?

Honestly Staying strong, not rushing, and not getting discouraged/lazy or to easygoing with it. Being around and coming from strong individuals, it’s something that I believe I have to pass on and uphold. It isn’t an easy thing to do. Especially as a female trying to break limts, it is harder to keep up Physically and mentally strong at times. You feel like there are a lot of limitations and then when you hear someone say something like”…well just settle with doing this for now”, it becomes even more of a discouragement at the time – but the bigger challenge becomes opening up to actually realize what the person is really saying, well half of the bboys out there can’t even do what I’m settling for right now and just want to rush into the big stuff. So I will stay on this and master it the best way I can and become stronger to be able to master/control the so-called”dope big moves” that everybody wants. Haha…

5. What do you think of the people who only view bgirling as a hobby?

That’s their choice. It’s not serious or a Lifestyle for everybody, but I hope they try to get the best out of it as much as they can. No Matter what. As long as the actual serious bboys and bgirls out there are doing what they need to do. THere are always people in a ny art craft, dance, lifestyle, etc. that are just doing it to do it and just to have fun. All the “it’s just a hobby..its just for fun”, comes with it. If you think about it, that’s how most of us started out anyway. Some stayed that way, and some chose to make progress and take it serious. That’s all…

6. Where do you see breaking ten years from now?

Hhmm… I haven’t even been breakin for 10 years, but I can say, I see it still being a strong Lifestyle in which you will probably be able to live comfortably off of. The more it becomes involved in the commercial world, the more chances we have to show it’s true essence and make a good living off of it or ecome more commercial, give in to the stereotype of a bboy/bgirl on big screen and make a living the cheesy way. It’s all up to us.

7. What are some of the things do you think we should do in order to improve our bboy/bgirl community?

There’s a lot that can be done, but it’s not specific things. I believe it’s everyday to day life things – Since this is seen as a lifestyle. It needs to be treated with the love, respect and upmost honor like anything else you choose to live by. The same goes for the people that are involved in it. I know there’s positivity and negativity in life. That’s always going to be the case, but the more we look for something truly good and uplifting out of this. The better it will achieve.

8. How do you motivate yourself as a bgirl?

Through my mentors, peers, the thought of making a change, motivating others, to strive and do better in life,..and also plain old “let’s have some fun”…hahah

9. What is the most important thing do you think people should know about you?

This aint no walk in the park for me and I’m not seeking the easy way out, Still I am and will keeppushing always.

10. What advice can you give for people that are starting out in the bboy/bgirl community?

Keep pushing, don’t rush, seek truth and understanding of breaking, stay on the right path of finding yourself, others, and always have an open eyes, ears, openmind to listen to knowledge that is being passed to you from knowleadgeable people in this community.

For contact info:

Bgirl Macca Malik

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