May 11, 2010

Bboy Hannibal

fulltimebboy @ 10:12 pm

Name:Brian Newby
Bboy name: Bboy Hannibal
Born when: 12 – 21 – 86
Current Location: Philadelphia, PA
Started Breaking: 6 years ago
Crew Name: Creator of 360 Flava and Underground Legion

1.Why did you choose to be a Full-time bboy?
I wanted it bad it took over everything anyways, Breakings’ a crazy addiction LOL.

2.How has your decision impacted your relationship with your family and friends?
In the beginning it was very hard following my dream with kids and spending time with the kids a lot of friends were lost I guess for the better you know its better know just gotta deal with missing the kids that all…

3.Can you describe the impact of being a full-time bboy in your life?
A very hard road of trying to understand a lot at the same time getting the body to do what it is your thinking of, meaning training, entering jams, going on tour, and teaching so at times it hurts physically, mentally enjoyin and stressful at times, but the way people look at me now has changed from not knowing me to knowing and wanting to get to know more about what I do and everyday someone wants to get more Knowledge so I study a lot more In my life than I ever have now….

4.Can you tell us some of the challenges that you faced or had to overcome as a bboy?
Had to stop worrying about fame, leaning to love practice and training, and injuries and recuperation

5.What do you think of the people who only view bboying as a hobby?
Nothing they don’t understand that’s all, they could if they wanted

6.Where do you see breaking ten years from now?
Older with more wisdom and knowledge

7.What are some of the things do you think we should do in order to improve our bboy/bgirl community? Give respect to the the elders, then learn your history from them.

8.How do you motivate yourself as a bboy?
Waking up every morning getting another day gardening this culture and bboying

9.What is the most important thing do you think people should know about you?
That I care about what happened, whats happening, and what will and probably happen.

10.What advice can you give for people that are starting out in the bboy community?
Seek the elders out and get them to talk.

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