November 6, 2010

Breakdance Project in Uganda

fulltimebboy @ 7:03 pm

I came across this channel on youtube a while ago. As we all know Break dancing is world wide known around the globe. This location is in Uganda. Google it to learn more.
The project they’re doing is actually one of the things I wanted to see progress a lot in the hip hop community. I hope more organizations form like this in the future to help preserve the knowledge and promote hip hop culture in a positive manner.

Here’s a clip of the workshop from Arua, Uganda

Another Clip of a workshop. these youngsters are break dancing barefoot, but that doesn’t stop anyone from busting out some moves!

Another great video of a breakdance workshop teaching the Uganda Juvenile Prisoners how to break dance.

Break dance Project Uganda or (BPU) is a Non-Profit organization which uses breaking (break dance) and other elements of Hiphop to promote social change and social responsibility. It was started in February 2006. It uses Hiphop as a tool to bring together people from different social, economical, educational, tribal and religious backgrounds. BPU offers free break dance classes in Kampala at Sharing youth Center every Monday & Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm And every Saturday in Gulu Youth Center from 2pm to 4pm. “BPU” also gives lessons in juvenile prisons, local and international schools, youth & community centers, orphanages etc. Apart from the free dance classes, the organization partners with others to provide both formal and informal education opportunities such as leadership workshops, peer mentoring, voluntary counseling, visual arts, photography, videography, music, drama, I.T skills training and sports.

A clip of Rock steady crew cyphering with the people from Uganda.

For contact and more info:


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November 1, 2010

Kings of New York

fulltimebboy @ 10:00 pm

The Founder:
The “Ru”, is the Founder/Director of Kings of New York. He has been an active member of the B-Boy (breakdancing) community for five years strong. Ru has lived in Brooklyn for all his life and wants to give back to his roots, his community and other communities.

The About:
Kings of New York is a community based organization which was funded in 2003. Our mission is to preserve, as well as to educate the world about the culture that New York style of dance brings. Kings of New York has grown from 100 plus attendees to an over 1000 plus audience over the past 7 years.Since 2008 Kings of New York has started charging a low fee for competitors and specters alike, due to the rising costs to produced an event. We are seeking support as a *non-for-profit organization to help keep costs to the minimum or free for our participants.

*Kings of New York is in the process of obtaining the 501(c)3 status

The Mission:
We the Kings of New York is a non-profit that strives to acknowledge and encourage excellence in the world of hip hop with authenticity, integrity and charity.

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