December 16, 2015


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BBoy BGirl Africa



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December 14, 2015

Stuff Yo Stockinz 3

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Stuff Yo Stockinz 3



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June 27, 2014

People’s Party – Innercity Arts Festival

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photo (2)photo (3)2 0n 2 Bboy/Bgirl battle

June 28 (Saturday)

2 – 7pm Free event

104th Street and Lexington Ave. PS. 72 Schoolyard (6 train to 103rd station)

Hosted By: Sham and Aztek

DJs: Rugrat and Oskar The Chef

Judges: Nasty Yass, Born, and Prevail

*Live Graffiti

*Live Painting

*Live Body Painting

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August 5, 2012


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Check out the article here

Have you seen the new generation of break dancers? Do you like watching b-boys and b-girls hit the beats on the dance floor flexing their athletic skills? If you like 70’s and 80’s music with some remixes, there is an event you will want to check out.

An event named “Call Out” will be held on August 18; a dance off calling for dancers to battle it out in the cyphers. This event is open to all dancers who are trying to expand their experiences, making names for themselves and to be acknowledged in the dance community. Most importantly, having a great time while doing it.

Ynot from the famous “Rocksteady crew”, Mute from Supreme Beings Crew from New York City, and Seerius Black from New Jersey will be spinning in the DJ booth. Funk, soul, hiphop, and breaks will be played all night for everyone to enjoy.

Since the jam is being held in New Jersey, an exhibition battle will feature New Jersey b-boys and b-girls against the rest of the states. This exhibition encourages all b-boys and b-girls to show up and participate in the battle.

The event is hosted by Kid Glyde of “Dynamic Rockers” from New York and Rich Nyce of “True Aggressions Crew” from New Jersey. Event location will be at St Mary’s Marian Hall in Downtown Jersey City. The church is the main sponsor of this event, demonstrating support of the hip hop community. All the proceeds will go to the Parish.

There will be two B-boying workshops taking place in the afternoon led by B-boy Ynot from 2pm to 3:30pm and followed by B-boy Jiggz from 4pm to 5pm.

Main event will begin at 6 pm and ends at midnight. Admission cost is ten dollars per person.

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December 1, 2011

Cypher in the Hood Championships

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The last edition of the break dancing event, “Cypher in the hood Series” took place back in July, now the finale, “Cypher in the Hood Championship” is scheduled to take place this Saturday, December 3 at Marian Hall in Ege Avenue Jersey City, near West Side Avenue. The event is presented by NBK – Nothing But Knowledge.

“Cypher in the Hood Championship” will feature some one on one battles (a.k.a. “call out” battle) and three on three battles. All the winners from previous Cypher series will meet at this event to proof who is the true ultimate champion. The winner from the one on one call out battle will take home the one thousand dollars cash prize and the championship title belt. The winners of the three on three battles will receive five hundred dollar cash prize.

In addition to the one on one, three on three, there is also state versus state “call out” battles, and a “Cypher Sniper” award for the individual who represents the most skills in the circles throughout the night. The event is scheduled to begin at 5pm and will end at approximately twelve midnight. Admission is fifteen dollars at the door; it can also be purchased through Pay pal for five dollars less though the deadline has passed. Food and beverage are available for purchase.
DJ Korn and DJ Mute will be spinning the music all night.
Please come and witness this amazing event with b-boys and b-girls gathered together from different places competing and showing their skills in showcasing what it takes to be the best.

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September 1, 2011

Bboy Netwrok Channel

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Joshua Cayabyab – Co-Founder and The person behind B-boy Network Channel talks about goals and purpose of BNC. Joined by Connie Rock in this interview.

Check out BNC Youtube channel for more Videos…
Bboy Network Channel – Youtube
Facebook updates
Bboy network Channel – Facebook

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August 23, 2011

Summer Classics at Union Square Next Event August 26th

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Despite the rain interfering during the last event in the early evening, the event still went on to continue. People were dancing on the wet concrete and doing what they do best. The bboy battle was able to be completed.
Here’s some video to check from Two weeks ago. Come thru for the next one this August 26th for the second and last event of the Summer.
DJs Steve Garcia, ATS spinnin hiphop, funk, and soul. Save by the Rhythm and Broken Tooth.
Summer Classic Event is brought to you by Kings of New York, Funktion Productions, FulltimeBboy

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February 22, 2011

The Full-Time Bboy Life

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Here are some videos of Full-Time B-boy interviews that I gathered and edited from some past event I attended.
Here is From Who can Roast the most event last summer 2010in New York City.

Here is the one from most recent, last month January 2011. The event is called “The Urban Movement Tour NYC” (TUTM) in Roseland Ballroom. Two parts video.

Part 1

Part 2

I want to thank all the people who participated on the interviews.

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February 18, 2011

Fulltimebboy new designs and Contacts

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Came up with some new and updated designs and also my business card is below if you need contact info. I will be updating this website next and Forum will change.

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November 6, 2010

Breakdance Project in Uganda

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I came across this channel on youtube a while ago. As we all know Break dancing is world wide known around the globe. This location is in Uganda. Google it to learn more.
The project they’re doing is actually one of the things I wanted to see progress a lot in the hip hop community. I hope more organizations form like this in the future to help preserve the knowledge and promote hip hop culture in a positive manner.

Here’s a clip of the workshop from Arua, Uganda

Another Clip of a workshop. these youngsters are break dancing barefoot, but that doesn’t stop anyone from busting out some moves!

Another great video of a breakdance workshop teaching the Uganda Juvenile Prisoners how to break dance.

Break dance Project Uganda or (BPU) is a Non-Profit organization which uses breaking (break dance) and other elements of Hiphop to promote social change and social responsibility. It was started in February 2006. It uses Hiphop as a tool to bring together people from different social, economical, educational, tribal and religious backgrounds. BPU offers free break dance classes in Kampala at Sharing youth Center every Monday & Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm And every Saturday in Gulu Youth Center from 2pm to 4pm. “BPU” also gives lessons in juvenile prisons, local and international schools, youth & community centers, orphanages etc. Apart from the free dance classes, the organization partners with others to provide both formal and informal education opportunities such as leadership workshops, peer mentoring, voluntary counseling, visual arts, photography, videography, music, drama, I.T skills training and sports.

A clip of Rock steady crew cyphering with the people from Uganda.

For contact and more info:


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